Quick Start


Before continuing, you may find it helpful to look over our collection of simple example bundles.

Quick Start

  1. Install Node.js 8 or later:

    • This will also install the npm command, which will be used extensively in the following steps.
  2. Install Bower, which is currently required by NodeCG:

     npm install --global bower
    • You do not need to use Bower in your bundles.
    • This dependency on Bower will be removed in the future.
  3. Use nodecg-cli to install an instance of NodeCG:

     npm install --global nodecg-cli
     mkdir nodecg
     cd nodecg
     nodecg setup
  4. Use Yeoman and generator-nodecg to generate the beginnings of your new bundle:

     npm install --global yo generator-nodecg
     cd bundles
     mkdir my-first-bundle
     cd my-first-bundle
     yo nodecg

    Answer the prompts one-by-one as they come up.

  5. Once your template bundle has been generated, start NodeCG:

     cd ../..
     nodecg start
  6. Open the NodeCG Dashboard, which will be located at http://localhost:9090 by default. You should see a page like this:

    Dashboard Screenshot

  7. That's it! You can click the "Graphics" button in the top right to see a list of graphics in your installed bundles.

If you have more questions, want further guidance, or would just like to hang out with other NodeCG devs, join our Discord server!