NodeCG includes TypeScript type definitions for NodeCG APIs.

The type definition is experimental.


Install TypeScript as your bundle's dev dependency.

npm install -D typescript
# or
yarn add -D typescript

Typing Replicants

Optionally, you can define types of replicants using replicants' JSON schema.

  1. Define schema for replicants
  2. Use https://github.com/bcherny/json-schema-to-typescript to convert JSON schema to TypeScript type definitions
  3. Import the type and pass it to type parameter like this:
const rep = nodecg.Replicant<SchemaTypeDef>('schemaTypeDef')

Using Type Definitions

More examples are available in typetest directory, which is also used to test the type definitions.


// Directly import the type definition file
import {NodeCG} from '../../../../types/server'

export = (nodecg: NodeCG) => {


/// <reference path="../../../../types/browser.d.ts" />

nodecg.listenFor('message', () => {
  // ...